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Price and Payment

The prices of SEQINT AB (enetto)'s website are updated in real time. VAT and shipping are added. Prices are quoted in Swedish kronor. SEQINT AB is entitled to change quoted prices without prior notice.

For the Nordic countries (not Sweden), VAT will not be added to SEQINT AB if you state your VAT Reg.

Credit Cards (Visa Mastercard Eurocard) Bank / Credit Card
Pay with your Visa, MasterCard or EuroCard. The money is deducted from your account at the time of order. All transactions are sent via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and are encrypted, ie very secure. We use the latest security technology for online credit card payments - 3D-Secure - a standard developed by VISA and MasterCard with the intention of securely validating the consumer when purchasing online. As an inverter, we use DIBS.

Tip! If your card or invoice payment has not been approved, you can also pay the amount at:
Bankgiro: 5638-7533 and enter order number.
Once payment has been received, your goods will be sent to you.

In cooperation with Svea Ekonomi and Klarna, we can offer payment for 14-30-day invoice (State / City / County Council always 30 days). For this service we charge an invoice fee of 39 kr (excl. VAT). When you choose to pay against invoice, a credit information is entered on your organization number. Delivery will be made to the address listed by the company if no other address can be confirmed. Billing addresses in countries other than the shipping address are not allowed. The customer is responsible for having updated information at PRV. Dvs. SEQINT AB is not responsible for the fact that the invoice address and / or any reference number at the invoice company does not match the order. Payment terms are 14 days net. In case of late payment, default interest will be charged at 2% per month from the due date. In case of reminder, a statutory reminder fee of 60 kr. Will be charged. When ordering for invoice, the order must be at least 18 years.

Thanks to effective cooperation between our different departments, TNT and Postnord
SEQINT AB (enetto) can offer very fast deliveries at low shipping costs.
On all deliveries, shipping costs are calculated at the end of an order. In some individual cases at very large bulky items, pallet costs may be added.

Delivery time:
When ordering every day before 13.00, with the exception of freely delivered, delivery with Postnord next weekday (excluding products requiring programming and / or verification). The packages will be shipped with Posten's and DHL's delivery method. Package package 16:00, delivery will take place at the company's shipping address / goods receipt on weekdays between 08:00 and 16:00. The post / DHL delivers without contacting you first. In case of delayed delivery, the respective shipping company is responsible for the correct delivery address indicated by the buyer at the time of order.

In case of unprotected shipment
Unposted items, regardless of payment or delivery terms, will be added to shipping costs. Invoice on the amount is sent with payment terms 14 - 30 days net.

Search database for accessories
Our search data base is one of the largest and most accurate in Europe, but one should keep in mind that
Search results from our pages are to be considered as a guideline for example. which receipt rolls that fit
respective brand and model of cash register, as data from the respective manufacturers may vary
SEQINT AB can not guarantee or assume responsibility for these amounts to one hundred percent.

Support agreement:
Termination must be made in writing one month before the end of the contractual agreement, otherwise the agreement will be extended by one year. Charges are made annually.
What is included in Tele / e-mail support can be read here.

Submission of Goods (Return Materials Authorization, RMA):
For repairs (within & after the warranty period), programming assignments,
Troubleshooting and Difficulty requires a valid check number and one correct
mail address that can be obtained after the correct submission of the error report. When our warehouse management requires it, packages can be submitted
Uncontrolled number is not processed but is automatically returned to the sender. Current
factory warranty, only original accessories must be used in the machine (receipt paper / ribbon)
for the warranty to be valid. Factory guarantees do not include any form of shipping costs.
Notification of defects in delivery must be notified within 5 days of delivery date by e-mail with delivery receipt for processing. After 5 days, the products are considered to be defective upon delivery and a fault notification should instead be made if any errors are detected.
Transport damaged goods must be immediately notified to the customer service office tel: 0771-33 33 10. Non-submitted information requested for special manufacturing which in turn delays delivery can be charged at a warehouse cost. If the error has been made with the option of "return return", the owner of the product will be required to transport the product back and forth, or through its own shipping company. Products can be stored at Seqint AB for 3 months after the product has been shipped.

The products are not sold on an experimental basis. You should make sure that the product will be suitable for your needs before making a purchase. We do not automatically accept returns because you have regretted, do not know how to use the product you ordered or if it does not contain a particular feature or property that it may have thought it might have been. You should check with a seller, your system vendor or the manufacturer if you are unsure.
We provide products for business and services to companies and organizations (b2b). Consequently, consumer legislation does not apply to such transactions.

The warranty on the products in our product range is provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, the manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the product meets its product specification.
The warranty covers original defects, which can thus be deduced to the factory and the manufacture of the product.

Responsibility for errors in relation to traders:
In the event of errors which Seqint AB is responsible for, Seqint AB undertakes to rectify the error by repair or repayment or repay the purchase price. Seqint AB is entitled to refer the customer directly to the respective manufacturer or to the designated repair shop for the corrective action. Additional rights for the customer may follow from the respective manufacturer's own end-customer warranties. Seqint AB's liability as a result of defects in goods is limited to the terms stated in these terms of purchase. Seqint AB thus has no direct or indirect liability for, for example - incompatibility, delivery delays, damaging properties of the goods, product liability, loss of profits, interruptions, fines, loss of stored information, additional work or other financial damage.

We will report all false orders and fraud requests.
We follow the purchase file enl. b2b

Purchase of Ingenico Card Terminals:
When buying a card terminal, the following costs will be charged,
One-time connection fee 600: -
License fee and Warranty Transfer 205: - per month
As well as possible. traffic costs in the mobile network.

 Purchase of Westint Card Terminals:

When buying a card terminal, the following costs will be charged,

One-time connection fee 500: -

License cost 89: - per month

As well as possible. traffic costs in the mobile network.

Programming Cash register:
If you ordered a cash register with programming, the programming information will be available within 7 days, otherwise a standard program will be added to the cash register.

Certified cash registers / cash registers:
Modification of the cash register on its own and / or through unauthorized documentation or software is a breach of law that the buyer personally is responsible for. For existing services, \ "upgrade \", \ "programming \" and \ "registration of the cash register / control unit of the tax office", Seqint AB does not take any legal responsibility for any complications that may have arisen as it is legally required by the buyer (company signatory ) that the registration has been completed and that the equipment is in the correct condition

We take a deposit for this service. The entire amount is charged on order. Upon return of the rental object in time and in full condition, the deposit is credited. The rental cost is also charged on unpaid shipment, in addition to this additional costs may be incurred in such a situation as eg. return transport costs and cost for any excess rental period. The renter is responsible for the correct delivery address when ordered.

We reserve the right to subsequently correct prices, product texts and images incorrectly printed on our website.
We also reserve against price adjustments
(such as changed prices from our suppliers, currency fluctuations), inventory changes and
cv. Technical errors in the webshop, browser or server.

Force majeure
In the event of war, natural disaster, labor market disputes, government decisions, non-deliveries from subcontractors, expiratory circumstances, and a comparable event beyond our control, which could not reasonably be foreseen, affecting agreements entered into and SEQint's commitments, which causes SEQint AB can not hold the said agreement / commitment shall constitute grounds for SEQint AB being exempt from its obligations to fulfill the said agreement.